Media Planning & Buying

Experience Unparalleled Print Media Buying & Planning Expertise

Where Results Speak For Themselves. At Gautam Advertising, we excel in delivering exceptional print media planning and buying solutions. With decades of dedicated focus, we have become industry experts in this field. Our proven track record speaks for itself. With our deep understanding of the print media landscape, we offer a distinct advantage in helping you navigate the multitude of newspapers available. Selecting the right publications that align with your specific requirements can be a daunting task. That’s where we come in.Our dedicated team follows a process-driven approach for curating personalized media plans that are tailored to your needs, ensuring optimal results. We leverage our industry knowledge and extensive network to secure the best rates in the market. Trust us to deliver a media plan that is customized to maximize your reach and impact.Proven Track Record: Our Full-proof Tested Approach to Media Planning & Buying has Empowered Thousands of Customers with Outstanding Results over Decades. Leverage our expertise to master the 5 key factors of media planning & buying Media Planning Newspaper Selection of best newspaper as per your requirement Circulation Choosing the most circulated and ideal newspaper Readership Evaluating the most read newspaper by your target audience Ad Format Suggesting the most suitable ad format Frequency Recommending an ideal ad frequency for maximum results Media Buying Rates Getting the best and unmatched rates in industry Negotiation Leveraging agency credibility to negotiate and get most optimum price Relationship Utilizing decades long agency-publication relationship to ensure maximum client satisfaction Ad Placement Ensuring the ad is placed in the most ideal position to get maximum response Releasing Assuring guaranteed appearance of the advertisement as per the schedule Partner with Gautam Advertising and benefit from our expertise in print media planning and buying. Let us guide you towards the newspapers that will best serve your goals and objectives. Experience the difference as we streamline your advertising efforts for greater success.

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Creative Designing

Every Centimetre Counts

Unlock the Power of Creativity with Our Exceptional Print Media Designing Service. At Gautam Advertising, we possess an exceptional understanding of print media creative designing. We recognize that the size of the advertisement plays a crucial role as rates are calculated per square centimetre. With our decades of experience in the field, we have mastered the art of creating ads in the most optimal and minimum size while ensuring maximum impact.Our team skilfully crafts your ad, ensuring it is perfectly sized to fit your budget without compromising readability. We understand the importance of delivering a clear and visually appealing message that captures the attention of newspaper readers. Types of Ad Formats: Classified Text Ad Affordable Simple Text,Charge per word Enhance with Background Color Classified Display Price on per sq.cm basis Use logos and formatting More Visible and Expensive Display Customize Page Choice Customize Ad Width and Height Ad will appears beside editorial contentMore Expensive, for Businesses Mastery In Personalized Ad Designing for Every Sector Legal Retail Finance Education Real Estate Entertainment Exhibits Medical FMCG NGO Customized Ad Designing Across Categories Legal Notices Sale Recruitment Matrimonial Property Personal Company Results Corporate Announcements Change of Name Entertainment Special Offer:Partner with us for your newspaper advertisement releasing & get FREE artwork design for all your ads* Elevate your print ad designs by associating with us and leveraging our mastery of page settings and layout into create maximum impact Experience our expertise as we design your ads with precision and cost-efficiency. Let us optimize the size of your ad, ensuring it stands out while fitting seamlessly within your budget. Trust us to create visually compelling and creative designs that leave a lasting impression.

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Print Media Releasing

Releasing ads in 10000+ newspapers worldwide

Trust Our Core Expertise in Ad Releasing. We Ensure Your Ads are Published in the Newspaper as Scheduled. Gautam Advertising, with over five decades of experience, stands as the pioneer in the field of print media releasing. Our long-standing presence has allowed us to build a robust network with publication groups worldwide, making us your trusted partner to effectively release your advertisements and help you reach your target audience.Leverage our strong goodwill and industry rapport to ensure hassle-free last-minute advertisement releases. We understand the urgency of timely promotions, and our established relationships with publications enable us to deliver results without fail. Rest assured, your ad will appear the very next day, allowing you to make an instant impact in the market.More than 5 Decades of Continued Relationship WithAll Publication Groups. Trust Gautam Advertising to handle your print media releasing needs to get your campaign executed with utmost efficiency and precision. Experience the advantage of working with industry pioneers who prioritize your success. Let us take care of your advertisement releases, allowing you to focus on achieving your marketing objectives seamlessly.

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